Judging by extensive advertising and promotions in stores and the media, in all probability readers will not have overlooked Sunday June 17th  being Fathers Day .

The image of the  modern father has advanced to such a degree  that it is worthwhile to take a journey back in time

Aside from character and temperament the physical changes are phenomenal and readers may be both amazed and amused at the contents of the article.

Change is inevitable and male body ideals change with time, the perfect body image being significant in a particular era. At one time a plump rounded figure suggested upper class status, represented by well fed affluent businessmen !

Image was also very much tied to a mans job when the suit and tie were the order of the day compared with todays chinos, open shirt and loafers commonly seen in the work scenario.

During the 1940,s and 1950,s men looked like “ wimps “  in comparison to later heroes like Stallone and Swarzenneger.

The image changed once again in the 1960,s when rock stars superseded movie stars setting the agenda for updated fashion and body image, clothing being colourful and decorative with masses of big hair on the shoulders.

It was during the 1970,s that gyms and health clubs emerged and body building was no longer a fringe activity.

Fast forward to the 21st century and hair styling became highly fashionable with short back and sides totally passé. “ Fusion” hair is now de rigueur  being

undercut, patterned , quaffed, bleached and highlighted resulting in amazing images.

The clean shaven face is barely seen these days with beards and stubble “ the way to go “ and the modern mans destination is a spa offering waxing, tanning, eyebrow sculpturing and much more.

Whether a father is young, more senior,  modern or conservative he remains “ good old Dad “ and deserves spoiling on this special day.

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