Time is an enigma, one of the greatest mysteries of our universe and the topic has haunted scientists for millennia.

How we view time is essentially derived from consciousness and memory and when events are counted, time exists.

The essence of time can be expressed as a need for haste and urgency governed by hours, minutes and seconds of the clock  and yet can be a mystery revealed by quirks presented to one during a normal day throwing one off balance at times.

It is in essence, impossible to focus entirely on the present moment as the past and future linger around each passing moment. Living in the moment is virtually impossible yet choosing activities that bring value to time is truly rewarding.

For much of human culture ` time is linear, yet can be considered cyclical. The belief of reincarnation in Hinduism allows for a bodily return in time, not being a one way march to extinction.

Very young children literally “live in time” but this alters when he or she can perceive the unfolding of events.

One can read a clock but time cannot be seen, heard or touched and it is a myth that “we have more time” ` an expression commonly used. There is no time when one can have more time !!  Procrastination is throwing away valuable time as it cannot be regained. One can spend money and replace it, expend energy and replenish it but not so with time.

Let us now move on “in time” and look at factors that change the perception of it.

Drugs for one, like opium reportedly slow down one’s perception of the passage of time as does meditation and yoga. Getting lost in a song and music in general can distort perceptions of time.

Elderly people often perceive old events as closer in time, whereas a student having a laborious essay to write will find time dragging on painfully !

Scientists believe that somewhere between youth and adulthood time seems to alter. So why should it accelerate compared with that of an aimless, jobless kid !

The answer apparently lies in “time pressure”.  Because adults take on a greater number of responsibilities, tile seems to “fly”.

It is a fact of life that most human beings are slaves to the clock. In the wilderness time is measured, as was the case with our ancestors,  by the sunrise, sunset and the seasons.

With pressures that are part and parcel of modern living an escape to a retreat where diet, fitness and relaxation are offered are beneficial to body and soul and where time can be briefly obliterated.

It is necessary to escape into another world due to our busy work schedule. There are lots of health benefits to shun all external stimuli and work on our inner selves –from a couple of hours to a few weeks.

For us busy urbanites, we can choose a city day spa. If we can afford the time, take a couple of weeks off – fly to a new destination such as Inle Lake. Matsimela can help you relax and unwind in the pleasure of your own home, with our wide range of scrubs, soaks, and butters your imagination can take you to a faraway place.


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The MatsiMela Home Spa range of products is constantly growing and developing with ethos of caring for yourself and the environment. MatsiMela Home Spa is premier body care range that was developed by Wayne and Olivia Nel in 2005.

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