Human emotions are so complex that it is difficult to know where to begin. However they are fundamental to human existence and might be termed “energy in motion”.

It is these very uncontrolled  emotions that lead to wars, conflicts, dogmatic opinions that offend and isolate people. On a happier note love, understanding, compassion and empathy give a balance and counteract negativity.

Human emotions are generally classified as happiness, sadness, fear, surprise , disgust, anger and anticipation.

A question often arises whether an infant is born with emotions leading to much scientific debate, but there is generally a perception in some fields that we are not hard-wired with emotions which more likely develop as we grow and experience the world.

Another question arises as to whether good and evil exists in all human beings, highly social creatures, intensely interested in what others do and quick to recognize virtue and vice.

According to Taoist Philosophy, balancing the life force chi is essential and that the body can be regenerated with powerful Chinese herbal medicine, reasoning that plants have nurtured and sustained us with their essences and energy for as long as we have lived on earth.

Furthermore they believe that drugs that are artificially created in laboratories are not always easily metabolized compared with organic alternatives.

It is interesting that a hidden “force” exists in fragrance. An odour has no personal signature until meaning is associated with it.

Olfactory nerves intertwine the fragrance with emotions, the odour being so powerful, able to conjure up a person without even looking at a photograph ! There are intimate connections between smell and memory possible of stirring up strong emotions.

Fragrances have very different effects on the body. For example peppermint and citrus can boost ones performance, cinnamon sharpens the mind, vanilla though considered bland, elevates feelings of joy and relaxation, lavender is calming and rose can elicit feelings that are mood enhancing.

The Cosmetic industry is well aware of the potential of fragrance and the Matsimela brand has incorporated magnificent fragrances into their many offerings  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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