Mother’s day is to honour women with maternal bonds and also for their contribution to society not to mention a massive boost to the economy!

The celebration of this day originated in St Andrews Methodist Church in West Virginia USA on May the 10th 1908, one hundred and ten years ago, the initiation of this being one,  Anna Jarvis.

Anna was a mother of 13 children and she hoped that this creation would calm the animosity between the Union and the military at the end of the Civil War.

After her death in1905, one of her daughters with the same passion introduced a 3 cent postage stamp and persevered with the commercialization of Mothers day from the sale of a variety of gifts and store bought cards.

Around the year 1920, the French had a rather unique yet costly way of honouring mothers. The government would give women with 5 children, a genuine bronze medal, those with 8 ` one made of silver and 10 and more ` a gold medal !

Albeit as time has progressed and families have become smaller, research shows that pregnancy is beneficial to the brain in terms of increased sensory perception, reasoning and judgment all of which play a role in maternal behaviour.

Another interesting fact ` according to the experts,  babies of nearly every country on the planet, pronounce one word “mama” in almost the same way !

Statistically a greater number of people eat at restaurants on Mother’s day, the second busiest being Valentine’s Day.

It is also one of the busiest days for the networks with thousands of calls being made to mothers.

With gifts in mind, so many given with love are tucked away or worse end up on garbage heaps, detrimental to the environment.

Many natural materials are not recycled and with some imagination can be used to create interesting gifts.

Take for example simple yet useful coasters which can be made from fabric, wood, hessian, rope and corrugated cardboard.

Even  the lids of jars turned upside-down can be embellished with some interesting art work.

A miniature herb garden, an “eco-friendly” gift is so simple to create, requiring a base with a surrounding frame onto which some attractive small ceramic pots are placed,  filled with herbs like thyme, rosemary, basil and lavender.

Should body care products be a choice, then look no further than the range of gifting offered by Matsimela, a choice of  fragrances to delight any mums.

Spoil that special woman in your life with a gift from Matsimela !


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