The celebration of Easter is a highlight on the Christian calendar arousing strong emotions relating to the life, death and resurrection Of Jesus Christ. The belief in the bodily not metaphorical resurrection is a corner stone of Christianity and this is thought to have changed something fundamental to the world and humanity.

The belief that Jesus is the redeemer of mankind is embedded in the Christian faith and of all the religions, Christianity is still the largest in the world.

In some communist countries like North Korea, religion is not tolerated and severe torture and even execution can result .

However, the greater number of people who attend church on Sundays are the Chinese Christians, more so than Christians in Europe .

This week’s article on Easter will avoid the chatter about the usual commercial offerings but having thus said, bunnies so significant over this period are not popular in Australia as they are destructive to agriculture and as a result a “bunny-like” endangered species the “bandicoot” has become a chocolate icon and the proceeds from the sales of these being donated to conservation to protect them.

Worldwide may celebrations take place over Easter, Seville in Spain having one of the grandest ` 52 different religious brotherhoods parade through the streets manifesting the crucifixion.

There are probably a number of unknown facts surrounding the life of Jesus as mentioned below :

Jesus was a common name in the 1st half of the century AD meaning “God saves” in Hebrew.

He did not have a last name as we do in the 21st century. Christ actually means the anointed one.

Jesus had sisters but were not mentioned in the Bible.

Jesus called himself the son of man 79 times in the gospels.

The bible remains the  most popular book ever written and a greater number are “shoplifted” compared with other books !

The perfume poured on the feet of Jesus was worth more than a year’s wages and today would translate to thousands in modern currency.

His disciples, though often depicted as rather senior men, were most likely under the age of 18 years.

The disciple John spent his last days in Ephesus in Turkey and died a very old man.

Despite all the so called facts above mentioned,  Easter is a joyous time, one for giving and all the traditional gifts are now out on display in the retail outlets.

But one can ring the changes and opt for other gifts.

Jesus grew up in the geographical area now know known as the middle east, abundant with magnificent spices like clove, cinnamon, cumin etc.

Besides being utilized for cooking purposes, many of these are incorporated into body care.

Matsimela’s ginger and lime, rooibos & cinnamon soaps and body butters make  ideal gifts and in keeping with the spirit of Easter, bunny soaps, chocolate bath milk and egg fizz balls are an exciting addition.

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