Essential skin procedures

We honestly do live in an “infomercial” era and firmly believe that something is amiss should we not look perfect.

Add to this notion that there are over 10,000 skin care companies worldwide trying to convince the public that ranges of products are essential to keep us looking our best from our “tippy-toes” to the hairline.

However a top international dermatologist stresses that often the procedures undertaken are more important than the contents of dozens of jars and bottles which line our cupboards, many of which will invariably become stale and are detrimental to use.

The first procedure under discussion is that of EXFOLIATION which can be thought of as a cleansing action probably one of the most neglected beauty procedures to slough off dead, unwanted skin cells.

There are many benefits to exfoliating. Firstly the removal of dead surface cells can trigger the increase of cell production in the basal layers , will detract from a rough textured surface and can avoid dead skin and dirt from clogging the pores. Makeup over dead cells is not a wise choice as will result in a layering effect, with the appearance of fine lines and  uneven surface.  When exfoliating one should avoid delicate areas around the mouth and eyes.

Although not as popular as in earlier times, many young people still like to achieve a natural tan during the summer. A good exfoliation prior to sun exposure will ensure a good even tan.  As for achieving a fake tan, without exfoliating first is sacrilege in the world of beauty !

There are multiple recipes to create home-made products such as the use of baking soda, salt and sugar.

Oil based products, gloves, rotary brushes and impregnated cloths are all suitable for exfoliation procedures.

The second important function is to MOISTURIZE.

The epidermis or outer layer has a protective waterproof covering; the acid mantle whose composition relies on water and oil such as sweat and sebum plus fatty acids and can be labelled an emulsion. This layer is designed to minimize moisture loss from within.

A healthy skin will contain about 15% moisture in the epidermis and 80% in the dermis below.

The question then arises how can a product like a moisturizer penetrate a protective layer? Water alone cannot hydrate the skin but requires humectants which draw moisture from the dermis to the epidermis, essential in keeping the skin soft and supple. Product inclusions like glycerine and urea are also capable of drawing moisture from the atmosphere.

Common factors that deplete moisture are excessive sun, hot and dry climates, heating and air conditioning systems.

If one’s skin feels taut after a bath or shower, or if skin wrinkles when pinched or lines around mouth and eye areas disappear after moisturizing, these are definite signs of dehydration.

As many industries are not regulated, skin lotions may be marketed as moisturizers. Consumers should be sure that an oil in water emulsion is purchased as against a body lotion or a nourishing cream.

Exfoliating the skin is vital to skin renewal. Moisturizing the skin is vital to replenishing lost moisture. Both processes work hand in hand to ultimately produce a beautiful visible long lasting result !

Whether your choice is exfoliating or moisturizing OR both ` let Matsimela assist you in this vital process of renewing and replenishing this precious part of your being.

MATSIMELA’s creams, lotions, body butters and moisturizers contain high percentages of Shea butter, moisturizing agents such as Pentavitin, natural emollients and esters and beautiful pure Ubuntu African oils such as Marula oil and Baobab oil ` go on spoil yourself !

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