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Back pain is a primary reason why people seek medical attention, in fact 80% of the adult population will encounter some form of back pain.

This type of pain recognizes no age, economic or ethnic background and at times has even been labelled as a universal epidemic.

Many warning signs of an unhealthy back are evident as some listed below :

Continual headaches, back and neck pain and stiffness in the spinal area are most common symptoms.

After bending then battling to stand upright, feeling tension in muscles and joints and having difficulty in twisting the head and /or hips to either side are too warning signs.

Many back issues lead to poor posture indicated by the chin jutting out forward, uneven shoulder height and imbalanced hips.

Even feet flaring outward when walking as opposed to facing forward causes imbalance and the heels of one’s shoes wearing out unevenly is indicative of poor posture.

Whiplash is worth mentioning at this point due to the enormous number of motor accidents on our roads.

Whiplash occurs on impact when the head is thrown forward or backward affecting the muscles and ligaments of the neck.

One of the most dangerous and impulsive actions, is the lifting of heavy objects. Yes, we all do this with impatience to complete a task unwilling to wait for help .

However, injuring the back can be avoided by taking note of the following :

Facing the object, a wide base of support should be established with legs apart.

Keeping the back upright, bending the knees near to the object , then lifting slowly and not bending forward will avoid back injuries.

A heavy object should be held close to the body and never lifted above the shoulders.

To promote the growth of bone tissue makes good sense and there is nothing complicated by regularly ingesting some of the following nutrients :

VEGETABLES are an excellent source of vitamin C which has anti-oxidant properties to stimulate the growth of bone cells.

CALCIUM is the most important mineral in bone. Cells are continually being broken down to form new ones.

Best sources are milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli and sardines eaten with the bones plus many other foods.

 Our bones contain plus/minus 50 % of PROTEIN and if levels fall, calcium absorption can be compromised.

VITAMIN D and K play an important role. With so much sunshine in our country our bodies should obtain sufficient Vitamin D but the sources of Vitamin K are not always well know. One can obtain sufficient by eating green leafy vegetables, cooking with herbs, curry powder and paprika and including prunes in salads or with cereals.

Lastly it goes without saying that the skeletal system plays an enormous role in maintaining good posture as do muscles.

A regular good massage does wonders for taut muscles that contribute to pain. Visit our spa stockists page to find a spa in your area.


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