Spring has sprung

Spring has arrived, a season of renewal and upliftment, putting Winter behind us as the earth comes alive with new growth and inspires us in many ways.

What better time to get motivated and " spring-clean". In some Middle Eastern countries this term translates as "shake out the house"! So do get into those cupboards and toss out unwanted items. Think of the joy of giving to underprivileged people or to a charity to raise funds. A perfect time too, to throw out old cosmetics, which can cause harm to skin, lips and eyes

Spring-cleaning does not end there, as our bodies are great depositories for toxins. Perhaps you consoled yourself through winter by ingesting more fats and sugars which are acidic and lead to disorders and even disease. By undergoing a detoxification process, excellent results are achieved, like increased levels of energy, better sleep patterns and restoring the body to its natural rhythms.

Not forgetting how healthy alkaline teas can be of benefit ~ Rooibos with its wonderful detox properties, peppermint and lavender to induce sleep and ginger for digestive problems and headaches. A delightful tea can be created by combining 1 and 1/2 cups of hot water, with a tablespoon of fresh lime juice, a small amount of grated ginger and a little honey. Stir well and sip slowly.

As the body is cleansed, so should the mind's cobwebs be swept away. Quiet moments, perhaps with some meditation, is an ideal way to start, reviewing one's attitudes to others and the world around you, being kind to others and to have compassion for all creation.

Last, but by no means least, put a spring in your step and head for a health spa to treat yourself to a well-earned, luxurious body treatment! And when Spring fades into the warm, balmy days of Summer, your body and soul will feel truly rejuvenated!

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