Responsible purchasing of beauty products

What is meant by a "responsible consumer"?bwc1

In a broad sense to be responsible means to accept and deal with the consequences of one's actions. Of course this applies to all facets of life, but for this concept to be applied to a consumer of cosmetics,

one should allow oneself to be well informed, to not buy in a haphazard fashion and then be annoyed if the outcome is not satisfactory.


Price factor is an important consideration too. Are you actually getting value for money, or have other issues side-tracked you, like good salesmanship!

Beware too of "fly-by-night" manufacturers, who give no guarantees or product information on the packaging. This is essential to those having allergic reactions to ingredients.

Then consider what we might call "arm chair shopping" via a catalogue or on the internet. This method dis-allows for the senses to come into play, namely to touch, feel and smell, which can be a strong deciding factor. Matsimela gives you the option to visit one of our stores & decide for yourself what products you fancy! The convenient option is then given to you to buy on line once this wonderful experience has been put to the test!

And lastly, one of the most emotional issues at hand is that of animal testing.
Many consumers are unaware of the hidden ingredient, namely animal suffering.
Despite the fact that they are sentient beings with legal rights, every year millions are killed in laboratories, in order that products can be rendered safe. Horrific methods are used like forced ingestion of poisons, toxic mediums injected into eyes and tissues, causing dreadful pain, mutilation and death. This practice is not only inhumane, but inherently inaccurate. Kind alternatives can be used, like testing on tissue cultures and corneas from eye banks.

Consumers should use their purchasing power to send a strong message to manufacturers who are not "c".

In 2003, the EU banned all animal testing - we can only hope that South Africa will follow suit.

Matsimela is proud to say that none of our products are tested on animals.