The benefits of Pure Kalahari Salt

As far back as 2,700 BC when salt was discovered as a valuable infusion, it was used during ancient times to treat common ailments like muscular pain and arthritis and even recommended by the "father of medicine" Hippocrates.


This history extends into our present time, but more sophisticated with the advent of bath salts and crystals with modern spas and wellness centres using crystals of every colour and fragrance and rendered more exotic with the inclusion of flower petals, dry herbs and spices. Some oils also act as a vehicle to capture the fragrance.

Beauty therapists stress the benefits derived, due to stress and fatigue relief or an energizing affect depending on the aromatherapy oils used.

Essentially bath crystals are designed to mimic the properties of natural minerals found in hot springs.

These polished crystals work effectively to clean out the pores and to scour off an accumulation of dead cells, thereby leaving the skin soft and glowing and regeneration of new cells will be encouraged.

Hard water, caused by too much calcium can become softer, with the use of bath crystals, eliminating the dryness of skin, otherwise experienced. Bath crystals have the added advantage of the body cells not absorbing excess water, which leads to wrinkling of the skin.

MATSIMELA uses natural untreated crystals from an area of the Kalahari Desert, never inhabited or used for industrial purposes. Here a clear under water stream runs over rock formation, which stores the crystals, which are later dried in the sun and contain all the essential minerals.

Experience the amazing benefits for yourself by adding a handful of our Kalahari bath soak to your water at night or by using one of our decadent salt scrubs.

One of MatsiMela’s proud partners, the beautiful Amani African Spas located in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg is the first spa in Africa to have a Therapeutic Salt Room