Women's day....

Woman's day on the 9th of August is just around the corner and a day for women from all walks of life to have the pleasure of being recognized and spoilt for who they are and the value they bring into the lives of family and friends.

Politically and historically many have fought for the liberation of women, and have overcome obstacles to achieve extraordinary things.


Joyfully, without the repressions of the past, women can follow their hearts and establish their ethical principles; we "girls" can be grateful that we are no longer stereotyped as housewives and child bearers and not forsaking our loyalties to our partners and children can enjoy the pleasures of this freedom.

Today's women radiate beauty from within, as opposed to the attribute of physical beauty alone, this being the essence of the unique expression of femininity.women 1

There are many ways of celebrating Woman's day & the month ahead!

Express yourself & let your true colours show!

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