WATER – the essence of life

lady-drinking-water2Why do we take it so for granted and show lack of interest in consuming it?Is it because it has no visual appeal like the rows of colourful juices on supermarket shelves, or because our taste-buds ever needing stimulation and find it too bland?

Water is one of nature's precious resources, essential to sustaining life, and diminishing in many parts of the world, so much so that Economists are calling it "the new oil".

It is interesting to note the balance in nature, as both our bodies and the planet consist of 70% water.

Water has many functions in the human body, to mention just a few:

• it hydrates the body cells and tissues
• cleanses the system of toxins
• can assist in eliminating allergies and headaches
• is excellent for the health of the joints
• regulates the salt content in the body
• assists with weight loss
• can arrest the ageing process by plumping up the cells [thus the avoidance of sunbathing which dehydrates the skin]

So, just how much water should we be drinking on a daily basis?
All guidelines commonly state 8 glasses per day, but a more recent recommendation involves some simple arithmetic namely: your body weight divided by 30.
Therefore a person weighing 60 kilograms divided by 30 = 2 i.e. 2 litres per day.

But what about unhealthy water? We all know that this does exist as many diseases are water borne like bilharzia, dysentry, cholera to mention a few and even borehole water must be checked for e-coli bacteria. One should be cautious of drinking water away from towns and cities where purification processes occur.

Can the consumption of too much water be harmful? Yes indeed. This excessive intake will cause intoxication [something we usually associate with alcohol] which causes cells and tissues to swell and the bodies sodium becomes diluted which is dangerous, causing further swelling.

It is interesting to note, that the ancient mariners, with all that water around them, resorted to drinking sea water when fresh water supplies were depleted. This causes huge malfunctioning in the body, due to the high salt content, which puts great strain on the kidneys to eliminate it and can easily lead to death. However a small amount of salt in drinking water is not at all harmful!

And still on this topic, an African tradition exists whereby people drink seawater to purge the body of toxins. Far be it the case, as vomiting and diahorrea occurs and the kidneys work overtime to expel the high levels of salt.

So, in conclusion, top up your water bottle and take it along with you, whenever you can and you will well and truly avoid many detrimental disorders of the body.