hair lossThe technical term for hair loss is alopecia and there are records of this occurring as far back as 4000 years BC ` mankind forever searching for a cure.


Reciting a magic spell to the sun, followed by swallowing an extraordinary concoction of onion, lead, alabaster and honey was one such ritual, another common one being the rubbing of fats from crocodiles and serpents onto the bald areas.

With baldness regarded as shameful in ancient times, men and women would place any number of bizarre items on their heads.



With ample knowledge today one can feel quite sympathetic to these folk for their perseverance none of which had any positive results at all.


It may be of no consequence that Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath on his scalp but was apparently a way of disguising a bald patch.



This famous character went even further by growing his hair long at the rear of the scalp then bringing it forward to conceal the baldness.



Yes readers, does this “comb-oversound familiar !!


Finally, as for ancient history there is a passage in the old testament and I quote “ Elisha went to Bethel and as he walked along the road some youths jeered, “ go on up you baldheadand he cursed them in the name of the Lord !



Weird potions, applications and curses aside, dermatologists offer precise knowledge of the diverse causes of baldness, permanent or temporary.


Across the spectrum hair loss can generally be attributed to disease, damage to follicles, chemo therapy, malnutrition, thyroid imbalance and many other reasons. Those affected are briefly discussed below and any of the above mentioned can apply :


Women  physiologically are complex creatures being most susceptible to hormonal imbalances. In certain cases these can be corrected provided that the oestrogen levels can be tolerated. The thinning of hair is mostly seen towards the rear of the scalp. 



It is also evident that race can play a role as premature thinning is apparent in some Asian women.


Men tend to have a receding hairline commonly termed MPB [male pattern baldness]  most likely genetically related.



The male sex tends to be more neurotic regarding hair loss and the ultimate solution is a hair transplant.



Elton John and many others went this route and it works !


On the other hand, the trend nowadays is to shave instead of saveIs the saying  “bald men are sexyencouraging this action?


Children too can experience hair loss, due to malnutrition, cancer and a most common cause Tinea Capitis ` ringworm of the scalp.



There is much confusion as Tinea in its various forms is fungal in origin and has no connection to a worm. The complaint manifests as ring-like bald patches with stump-like hairs apparent.  Tight pony tails and extensions are often a cause due to the excessive traction on the follicles.


Congenital  alopecia occurs due to genetic malfunctioning. At birth and throughout life there is an absence of hair on scalp, genital areas and on the eyelids. This is a strange irreversible condition.


Whatever form of baldness occurs, it can be a devastating condition. Elimination of stress is important which goes hand in hand with relaxation. The calm ambience of a health spa with a therapeutic massage using one of Matsimela’s massage oils is a must.  Click on ‘Into Spa’ on our website and find a spa near you.