Repercussions“If only” is such a powerful phrase that can distort one’s judgement regarding future choices made in life.


It is inevitable that some choices will result in painful experiences but regret can make a bad situation even worse and blame, guilt and punishment are frequently unwarranted.


As the famous late comedian Robin Williams said  “if you are gonna make bad choices, rather earlier than later in life.”


Or “I have a good memory. I wipe out the memory of bad choices fast !”


Crucifying oneself for having “travelled down the wrong road” only provokes more negativity.


Certain outcomes can engage readers in thought provoking exploration as to what might have been prevented had a second decision been considered. Yet what was previously considered disastrous may be beneficial in the future. In many instances, regret can deter opportunities for future growth and renewal.


Yes indeed, life is intricate !!


Historically, how different would the world be today had Hitler won the war, JFK decided against a visit to Dallas or Mahatma Ghandi been assassinated ?


There is much exposure in the media right now covering the death of princess Diana whose life came to a tragic and abrupt end. “What if” she had kept to her original plan to leave Paris a day earlier to be with her boys. Is it possible to envisage what future events she may have had to face up to?


She has now forever been captured in her beauty and youth. Youth that all women aspire to attain.


Lastly dermatologists are generally of the opinion that after the age of 30 years one’s skin will start to deteriorate and therefore more attention should be given in attempting to arrest the aging process.


Having said this, there are many competing products on the market and unwittingly bad choices can be made.


To mention just one example, an unsuspecting woman bought an imported night cream having such high levels of vitamin A resulting in her skin reacting so violently with flaming red patches as is seen with the condition shingles.


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