springSpring is an exuberant time, the very word has a “Bounce” to it, a season of renewal and even hope.  It is uplifting to know that Winter is on the retreat and for some that the gloom of Winter is no more.


Many changes occur such as fresh, greener grass sprouting, birdsong on the rise, the sap rising and an increase in colours and aromas.


As for “falling in love”, Scientists put this down to increased levels of the brain’s dopamine, the feel good hormone!


Some countries have their unique traditions of celebrating this season. In our beautiful, diversified country there are umpteen reasons why Spring offers a unique ambiance. Visits to reserves will reveal wildlife nurturing and caring for their fluffy young offspring, whales in cold waters can at times be seen with young calves alongside their giant bodies and magical floral carpets appear in the western Cape.


As for other activities, many will welcome the traditional outdoor Braaipicnicking, wine tasting crisp blends in our famous vineyards, surreptitiously testing the temperature of the ocean or digging into fresh turf; planting with anticipation, the fruits of one’s  labours.


It must be said that many will experience some not uncommon bodily experiences manifesting as allergies, simply reactions to pollens, grasses, moulds and mildews which thrive in these warmer periods. No wonder Spring is often called “the itchy, sneezy season”.


Readers may come  across promotional displays of bottles containing thermal water with minerals,  intended via a fine spray of mist to hydrate the skin.


Many experts are dubious as the skin with an impermeable membrane does not have much ability to absorb much moisture in this manner or act as an organ of excretion.


However, whatever the season, moisturizing creams are an essential beauty item.


MATSIMELA body butters are rich and soothing, creamy and buttery. They have a 10% Shea butter component, making them not your average body butter. They are excellent for dry skin that needs quenching. Look out for the very popular Ginger and Lime range which has just surfaced in stores it is our seasonal range available from September to March. The range consists of a Hand cast soap, fizz ball, salt scrub, bath soak, body crème and palm soap.