Skin in Youth Maturity Article


Readers may be familiar with a term “one’s salad days” perhaps somewhat mystifying.


This is a Shakespearian expression relating to a youthful time of inexperience, enthusiasm, innocence and the immature state of mind, in a way all of which act as a defensive mechanism for those more realistic times ahead, the least of one’s worries; the aging process.


Although chronological years cannot be reversed, one does have some influence over other factors, especially early care of the skin. A rather daunting thought exists that there is no escaping the fact that from the time of one’s birth it is downhill all the way !


Women in general are not terribly perturbed about the state of internal organs, but rather of that of the skin, the largest organ of the body and forever on display !


Reaching the early or mid-twenties, a person is generally seen the last of the skin’s woes like excessive oiliness which promotes blackheads and acne.


Although dryness of the skin seems like a blessing, much more lies ahead like finelines and wrinkles, so it pays to be ahead of the game.


In a premature state of panic, some may rush out for expensive anti-aging creams, but one has to analyse what form of deterioration is occurring, be it the  lack of underlying support or surface dehydration.  Epidermal dehydration is a cause, not a condition and relates to the moisture content and when lacking, excess keratinization can occur manifesting as a horny outer layer. Another consideration is the known fact that oil sits on top of water, creating a barrier therefore a good moisturizer is essential, not to be confused with greasy night creams.


Relevant humidity in the atmosphere allows for moisture transmission from the inner to outer skin layers. Factors like sun, wind and dry climates are major factors. Enzymes are the first workers within the body and transmit vitamins and minerals, thus the need for a healthy diet with food as fresh as possible to benefit the skin.


Then an oft discussion arises whether the consummation of water plays a role in skin hydration?


According to a number of Dermatologists, the answer is unlikely as one’s bodily thirst indicates the shortage of water to be balanced within.


However, this is not an indication to cut down on liquids or to neglect skin care.


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