Pros and Cons of Labelling

To commence this week’s article, it must be said that not only South Africans are notorious for being colour conscious as this exists elsewhere too. Skin tone has not stopped humans from assigning each other to categories like black and white with no basis in biology but never the less this action goes on to determine social, political and economic wellbeing and contributes to some of the deepest problems that face our species.


On the other hand “stereotyping” normally provides a generalization opinion of a group.


Stereo types emerge as a result of our hard-wired thinking as people build mental categories to sort information. These “short-cuts”  allow us to make sense of the world.


Psychologists say that this is a tool to resolve the complexity of the environment that we grapple to perceive.


Take for an example,  just generally speaking, the view commonly taken of medical specialists. Certain expectations arise regarding appearance and behaviour from such a group !


However labels shape more than only our perception of skin colour.


In another scenario, the outcome of a video shown to a group of students was interesting. This featured a girl who frequented a sub-economic neighbourhood to visit a friend. When asked for comment she was labelled “poor” and this social/economic status even deferred from her fine academic abilities.


It is fascinating that a type of innocent discrimination can occur. Consider the case of a high profile celebratory couple being turned away from a restaurant as they were unkempt. The concept that “shabby chic” and that the understated look ` being ‘de rigueur’ is obviously not appreciated by all !


Regarding labelling in the commercial world,  this plays a vital role in conveying the correct message to consumers.


Labels that are not only eye-catching can “tweak” the emotions. Adjectives like successful, affordable, epic, mind blowing, free and essential can lure the unsuspecting public.


According to research shoppers decide within 90 seconds of interaction with a product whether to buy it or not.


The Matsimela team are aware of being part and parcel of this highly competitive world.


Each label be it the colour, wording or luxurious design truly relates to the outstanding quality offered to you, the consumer.