MotivavtionMotivation is like a fire within, or the “whip” of behaviour like waking up at daybreak to pound the pavement instead of lolling around aimlessly all day.


Motivation should come from within and with it a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment that drives one.


Lethargy is man’s worse enemy.

Regarding money, ordinary people wake up,  go to work to get paid,  pay the bills … money being a means to an end.


Logically speaking, they are working for the money, not having true motivation in life but perhaps to fulfil the feelings of desire like owning a luxury car or house.


One may end up rich but without fulfilment deep within.

Some are motivated with a desire to be the best, hate to lose and cannot accept to be number two. These are highly motivated individuals.


Making decisions for what is the best choice and so doing, expectations of gratification result in a pleasant experience, but despite good intentions the results could be otherwise.


The brain is pretty much hardwired and does not forget bad choices made in the past and this will be to an advantage.


Like it or not, we evolved to be fat, furless, lazy bi-peds with large brains.  Prehistoric man had few choices as he had to run and kill for food and these forefather’s activities were energy intensive.


Take note how irate in these times we can become when having to use the stairs when the escalator is out of commission. Is this pure laziness or consumption of time, a privilege unknown to paleolithic man !


In these modern times, we are thoroughly spoilt with choices and consumers have to be realistic that cheap can be expensive.


Purchasing cheap cosmetics can be a bad choice. What seems good today can sacrifice the health of one’s skin tomorrow.


Consider the fact that many manufactures use fillers to add bulk and ethically related; some producers overseas use cheap labour, working in inhumane conditions ` neither is sustainability in place to reduce the carbon foot-print.


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