COSMETICS `earthy, real & otherwise

Cosmetics Earthy Real OtherwiseCelebrating the beauty of handmade over machine made, brings artistic merit to everyday functional items. Mass produced items lacking the mark of the maker are nothing more than a sterile process.


Below are highlighted just some of the choices with which consumers are faced, a rather daunting task and being highly educated in these matters is no joke !


Consumers are drawn to the originality of “earthy” products which give one the sense of being protectors of the environment as opposed to many “off the line, to the consumer” produced items with the one aim of ensuring a profit.


Consumers are now better educated and have greater awareness. Gone are the days when natural meant sacrificing effectiveness.


Beauty products that are plant based are coveted, generally termed ORGANIC and are wonderful for complexions with fewer chemicals.


Then again the term NATURAL is not necessarily regulated and the stamp on a label could be misleading as the item may be chocful of chemicals like petroleum.


Any products labelled VEGAN should contain no animal ingredients but could be laden with synthetic chemicals as long as no animals were harmed.


It is quite a revelation that over 82,000 ingredients are used in personal care products with as many as 1-8 having industrial chemicals, having carcinogens, toxins and hormone disruptors.


Readers may ask how authentic are the claims made with regards to absorption of creams and lotions. For example a good body butter should not sit on the surface but migrate to the lower skin cells to attain the best nourishment and this action is important with the application of anti-aging creams, otherwise one might just as well use a hand lotion.


Absorption of products relies on a matter of factors. Firstly, thick skin is more resistant unlike the delicate thin skin beneath then eyes. Intense exfoliation and shaving of the legs, bikini area and underarms allows for better absorption.


Of all the anti-aging products, serums also termed elixirs with very fine molecules have a great success rate. These are packaged in glass phials to protect the active ingredients.


The qualified staff at Matsimela will give guidance with the knowledge that the brand makes no unrealistic claims and delivers the finest products beneficial to YOU.