Womens DayThis day is significant on the 9th of August, a time to celebrate women in South Africa!   According to statistics, there are 28 and a half million women in our country of various cultures, having different values and religious and ethnic beliefs.


Many of these women will have a voice to make a difference, others may never be heard and marginalized, but this does not deter from the importance of being feminine.


Women probably more than men are defined by age and this article will focus on women in various stages of life who can make a difference.


Starting at the bottom of the ladder as it were, young women in their prime have a great future ahead and those who choose not to be stay at home mums will face a number of challenges.  Many in the corporate world will discover a rapid changing landscape in the media and technology and that celebratory culture can be depressing. They may also be less deserving of power in contrast to their male counterparts but can develop the strength to go out and advocate for themselves.


A number of young women opt to be “stay at home” mums which in these times seem almost biblical, but the family can reap great benefits from this choice and the resulting unity can make this choice so worthwhile. These mums should not allow for stagnation and make efforts to be part of the ever changing “outer world”.


Some women on the threshold of retiring, state that this choice can trigger chaos in the head, but ultimately the afforded leisure time soon negates this notion.


Many agree that to be cut loose of the workplace offers a richness of an alternate lifestyle which can incorporate social involvement.


The Dalai Lama once said “ the intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others, as the work of the heart is a great source of personal happiness”.


It might come as a surprise that many of today’s elderly women are not old in performance or spirit.


Being exposed to the eternal youth brand machine is not exactly encouraging, but women over the age of sixty should embrace the power of saying goodbye to the notion that all women should try to look young.


In celebration of Women’s day ` Matsimela would like honour you, in all that you are and all that you endeavour to be.


In most African countries there are long standing beliefs concerning gender roles and in many cases women are viewed as less important in society and less deserving of power than men.


Poverty too plays a major role in upliftment to which goverments and social deparrtments have to recognize.