Father's Day

Fathers DayThere are various theories as to the origins of Father’s Day, but the most poignant refers to the year 1910 in the USA when a woman was greatly concerned regarding the loss of about 360 men due to an explosion in a coal mine. She argued that the children who had lost their dads should honour them with a day of remembrance. We understand that this could have been the birth of Father’s day.


In terms of different eras, there are “old” dads and “new” dads ' so let us get an overall picture of dads during the 1950’s.
In these times Moms were very much stay-at-home parents, wholly responsible for keeping the home fires burning, as it were.


A common sight would have been dad heading for his job all professionally decked out in suit and hat!
When at home, he was a proud home-maker and spent much time with his offspring over weekends which enriched his life.


Fast forward to the 1970’s with enormous change both culturally and politically! This was the birth of the “hippy culture” the “flower children”, dominated by peace, love and anti-war symbolism.


Dads now wore colourful clothing, had hair down to the shoulders and insulated themselves from the realities of the world, with a perception that poor in materialism but rich in spirit was advantageous to a better world. The children’s upbringing was however of a rather permissive style!


But that is all in the past for we are now well and truly in the 21st century, some say a turning point in fatherhood. Seldom nowadays do we encounter the image of the distant dad, whose value to his children lay in the size of his pay package.


Despite the pressures of today’s living, many dads have managed to balance technology with pleasure having greater involvement with their children’s activities, neither do gifts of a technological nature need to dominate.


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