In Celebration of Mother’s day

In Celebration of Mothers DayIt goes without saying that when one enters the realm of motherhood, there is a belief that one is going to be the perfect mom but sadly this can only exist in the world of fantasy.


When that very special time arrives, there are many outside occurrences that can have powerful influences such as a traumatic delivery, “wise advice” from a grand-mother and the power of the ever presence media.  And at times one person’s idea of the perfect mom will clash with others ideals.


Life changes a great deal during the fascinating journey through parenting and no doubt some guidelines come in useful but patience will over-rule during episodes of poop, pees and smelly potties !


Basically the job description is common sense to new moms, but motherhood has undergone great upheavals in the last century. In earlier times their instincts were never questioned, but rather ruled sacrosanct !


Today a mother is often obliged to make difficult choices and being in this position motherhood and guilt go almost hand in hand.


Should she stay at home and compromise income, should she be lenient and generous and give in to every whim and fancy, then unwittingly end up with little monsters, or alternatively be a disciplinarian and be the “horrible mom on the block” ?


High technology has brought a huge revolution in society and has no doubt influenced being a mom. The internet facilitates, the exploration of new and foreign terrain and on a positive note gives marvellous access to topics like thumb-sucking, breast feeding etc.


As for “valuable time“ spent with school projects, the greatest phase heard these days is “oh just google it“  !!

But this virtual world does not necessarily create an utopic environment for parenting and can create a “snap-shot“ mentality.

Many Instagram’s of bright- eyed kids is not exactly reality and will hopefully not arouse feelings of guilt in more grounded parents.


But on a lighter note, this is a time of giving and showing appreciation of one’s mother.


Naturally the common gifts like flowers, chocolates and a treat out to a restaurant will always prevail.


However, in the realm of body care, MATSIMELA have the ultimate gifts for spoiling any mom !