The Joys of Autumn

The Joys of AutumnAutumn has a special way of rejuvenating the soul and although some will be “ bidding farewell “ to Summer with a sense of melancholy, the change in seasons is quite refreshing.


One would never truly appreciate the 4 seasons in juxtaposition as nature intended, should one’s home be in equatorial regions where heat and humidity persist relentlessly without change . Fungal infections are forever being fought and bugs galore abide in these climates ever keen to “ befriend “ one with not too congenial outcomes.


With the onset of Autumn the sharp glare of the summer sun softens and the gentle light paints the sky in subtle tones of orange and gold. One can literally smell the commencement of this season as the falling leaves create new aromas combined with the soil.


Life changes in many forms especially as one becomes aware of the sounds of birds migrating in their unique, courageous way to warmer climates.


The change in seasons also defines us in terms of age, as to our place in the world, conjuring up memories of the past and expectations for the future.


Autumn might inspire one to enjoy an entirely different wardrobe, to take brisk, exhilarating walks and to indulge in the foods that are off putting during hotter times of the year. Now is the time to be inspired by cooking with exotic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and so on and not neglecting curries, hot or otherwise that generate heat in the body !


Although it is sad to see the summer fruits becoming out of season, the change in climate brings a range of citrus fruits, apples, pears, papayas and avocado pears all laden with minerals and vitamins.


Having just sung the praises of Autumn, it is essential to recognize changes in ones skin with the onset of colder weather. The skin being the largest organ of the body and first defence against injury, disease and microbes, will soon warn one that extra care is needed. Although one associates UV blockers with summer, awareness is needed not to discard these products, as lower levels of humidity can allow for greater penetration of the sun’s rays. Ones overall skin and especially nails, cuticles, lips and heels will be crying out for nourishment and moisture.


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