EGGS – a different perception

eggsEggs have been sacred to many civilizations, both because of the form and the inner mystery that holds the secret, a latent “nothing” that produces a “something” within a closed shell needing nothing but warmth.


Although eggs are slightly more oval than round, the shape typifies the great circle ‘O’ symbolic of the universe and its spherical bodies. Within the oval shape of the bird’s egg, one discovers nature’s unique secret. Had the egg been created in the perfect round shape, it would have rolled away as dictated by gravity. But instead, the egg rotates in an almost circular manner coming to rest with the pointed side facing inward!
So this ensures better preservation, and a bonus for egg laying hens!

In a decorative way, eggs not present during Easter, would not have typical significance. Those painted, reveal creativity with the marvellous designs that appear on the shells.
However, no home artistry can ever match the world famous Faberge eggs created by jewellers in 1855 to 1917 within the house of Faberge in Russia. These magnificent objects of perfection were the goldsmiths greatest and most enduring achievement, initially to be presented to the imperial royal family.


These magnificent bejewelled eggs invariably concealed a tiny surprise like an egg within an egg, a miniature toy or even a carriage on wheels!


Of the 50 crafted, only 43 are known to have survived. Last year, a buyer paid 50 million sterling for one of these unique treasures.


It is fascinating to know that eggs are much more than just a white and a yolk. As scientific research advances, eggs are now used in diverse ways. The EU has been faced with a problem due to tonnes of eggshells building up in landfills and if nations will continue with legislation to minimize waste, more of it can be recycled and the end products be used in industry.


Just a few examples of extractions from eggs are utilized in the following ways :


For more that 40 years, cultures using eggs have been created in laboratories; the end product being vaccines to counteract the influenza virus.


Lysozym is one of the body’s natural enzymes found in human tears, saliva and mother’s milk . Extracted from the albumin located in egg white, this is now being tested in the wine industry to replace the sulphates which preserve wine. It is these sulphates that cause headaches and a curse to many wine lovers!


Collagen and Hyaluronic acid in egg membranes are used in cosmetic creams, medicines and food supplements.


Besides being used in industry, many examples of egg related beauty recipes can be concocted such as :


The yolk of an egg combined with a few drops of coconut oil then massaged into the scalp and hair will supply excellent nourishment.


An over oily skin will benefit by a mask made with finely crushed egg shells and the white of egg which has contracting qualities.
As for blackheads, sliced lemon is first rubbed over the offending area followed by an application of egg white then covered with tissue paper for about 10 minutes. This softening action will make removal of the blockage in pores easier.


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