Blood Life Sustainer

Blood Life SustainerMany cultures have been ascribed to blood having magical powers such as blood-letting for the bodies equilibrium, said to cure blindness, goitre, worms , grey hair and a multitude of bizarre complaints.


The bible has mentioned blood more than 400 times and William Shakespeare more than 700 times.


Many sayings have arisen such as a blue blooded aristocrat to a red blooded male, a set-up that makes ones blood run cold, killing a person in cold blood, blood being thicker than water, an issue that makes one’s blood boil or to sweat blood and tears & blood brothers mentioned on umpteen occasions.


Yet to science, even the most extravagant blood lore pales in comparison to the biochemical and evolutionary marvels of this liquid tissue.


Blood is the foundation of our very existence and is in contact with every other tissue in the body.


Blood is a genius, regenerating and destroying cells, never ceasing to rush through plus-minus 70 kilometres of arteries, veins and capillaries without going mad and finally sending the worn out cells to the spleen and liver, the graveyard of blood cells.


A common condition, poor circulation often affects sufferers more in winter or in cold climates.


Herbalists have used ginger for thousands of years to restore energy, stimulate circulation and warm the body. Containing pure Ginger oil our Warm Orange and Ginger range has a stimulating effect on the heart and circulation, creating a feeling of warmth and well-being and restoring vitality, especially for those feeling the cold this winter.


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