Myths regarding the human body

Health MythsThe average person knows shockingly little about the human body considering that one has spent an entire life living inside one !


But many ‘facts’ regarding health, diet, sex etc continue to swirl around pop culture or via old wives tales that die hard being passed on from one generation to another.


Well let’s get started and see if any of the below are surprising, credible or just a lot of old nonsense !


We have always been led to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well apparently there is disagreement on this, as it does not jump start the metabolism any more than a meal taken later on.


Arthritis is caused by cracking one’s knuckles! Not so, but is merely a way of pushing air out of the joints and may lead to enlarged joints.


Why do muscles sometime twitch in an irritating way? This is caused by nerve stimulation, even if in a part of the anatomy unrelated to where this is occurring. Probably one of the most exasperating is when an eyelid twitches.


A sleep-walker should never be woken as this could have dire consequences [strangely these have never been logically explained]


Well the experts do not agree, as the person could trip causing mild or serious injury, or just go happily cruising along possibly into dangerous situations.


Shaving the legs causes the hair to grow out thick and stubbly. This is only apparent because the hairs are lopped off across the hair shaft.


Normal uncut hairs are tapered at the end, so that explains that!


Different areas of the tongue pick up different tastes like sweet, bitter and so on, but actually these unique buds do not differentiate and recognize the whole spectrum of taste.


We only use 10% of our brains. I doubt if anyone is capable of stating which 10% of this organ is engaged! Not so at all ' as a normal healthy person uses 100% of the brain.


The elderly are very fond of telling others that “their stomachs have shrunk”. In fact this myth could be blown apart. Due to the intake of smaller helpings of food, the appetite has in fact shrunk.


Because toads have a rather “lumpy exterior”, which are actually glands, the myth arose that touching these creature would cause warts.


In fact a virus that affects only humans causes warts .


The 2 famous myths are kept for last in this article as we are bombarded with them time and again.


So parents take note as this is quite a revelation; that excessive sugar does not cause kids to become hyper-active.
12 double blind trials revealed no connection between behaviour and sugar. The experts say that it is a mind set of parents that chocolates and sweet drinks are “causing them to climb the walls”. Intelligent parents will keep this knowledge away from their offspring !


Lastly, and this myth has enormous endurance, that chocolate causes acne. This disorder during puberty is unsightly, caused by hormones becoming unstable. Chocolate will make one fat but does not cause upheavals as far as skin is concerned.


As one specialist stated ‘If you eat a bucket of spinach you do not turn green” !


In conclusion, fortunately there are no myths attached to the Matsimela products. What you purchase has only the finest ingredients and there is no trial and error to compromise the good name of the brand.