Interesting facts about water

Interesting Facts About WaterThe human body, in a fit state contains about 60% of water, vital to all metabolic processes.

As far as a moisturizing agent goes, water protects and moistens body tissues, eyes, mouth and nose.

Water is continually being lost through obvious functions like breathing, sweating, digestion and urinating, therefore the replenishment is most essential, for a dehydrated body is in a bad state.

Any readers who follow health and fitness trends have probably heard of the latest obsession, namely the “30 day water challenge” with requirements to replace all beverages [and alcohol, of course !] with water for 30 days. This translates to 3,8 litres per day, almost double the previously recommended 8 glasses per day !

One could gleefully sit back and wait for the benefits to roll in, such as having a moist and flawless skin, weight loss, fewer headaches, more energy and less constipation, right? Not the case, as medical research has highlighted just the opposite.

Running back and forth to the toilet may contribute to a miniscule amount of weight lost but a serious loss of water can have very damaging effects like undue stress on the kidneys.

There are more serious consequences leading to water intoxication due to drinking that much water per day, thereby diluting the salt in ones blood to balance fluid in and around the body cells. Minimizing ones salt levels is more dangerous than realized and symptoms like heat and sunstroke could arise.

An excessive intake can even stimulate a hormone, Vasopressin, which can cause the body to conserve water, even though large quantities are being drunk.

The colour of ones urine is a very basic indicator. Too high an intake of water can result in passing pale, clear urine and not sufficient, dark yellow in colour.

But, it must be said that foodstuffs and especially medications can drastically alter urine colour.

Lastly water is a vital source in the manufacture of cosmetics which must be free of toxins, pollutants and microbes.

Although approved, many toiletries, facial care products & body care ranges on our shelves are too watery. During production MATSIMELA adheres to high standards, ensuring that a high and recognized percentage of carrier and essential oils are used, thereby giving you, the client, a quality product ` second to none.