Health Snippets

Health SnippetsCoconut oil is the buzz words these days and fans are extolling some miracle cures which are in fact quite dubious such as prevention of Alzheimers disease, ageing, arthritis and diabetes to which scientists proclaim a definite NO !!


Plus/minus about 80% of calories come from saturated fats in coconut oil, whereas butter contains 63% and olive oil 14% , the latter indicating why it is still considered the healthiest oil to consume.  However coconut oil does contain anti-oxidants but a better health choice would include foods like nuts and avocado pears.


Onto another health issue, is it necessary for one to see a dentist or a doctor?


Serious toothache is often related to the sinuses [the channels that are situated in the bones of the skull]


As the upper teeth are closest to these sinuses, they could be more affected.


Inflammation in the nose and sinuses causes a greater amount of mucus to be secreted, pressure increases, which is often thought to be toothache.


How does one go about keeping ones brain in tip-top condition?

Smokers please note, cigarettes with a high content of nicotine can cause brain matter to shrink. Mood altering substances like drugs and alcohol impair ones focus, alter memory span and disrupt thinking patterns that facilitate future planning.


A few other fascinating facts follow :

Is one aware the there are no pain receptors in the brain? All sensations are actually directed to this organ via the nervous system and when awake the brain generates 10 to 23 watts of electrical energy, enough to power a light bulb.


And I bet readers never thought of or knew that one cannot tickle oneself;  the reason being that the brain can distinguish between unexpected exterior touch as against touching our own bodies !!


In conclusion, being in the throes of summer with some heat still to endure, swimming and tanning goes hand in hand with the season, but it is brainless not to realize that the glorious bronze skins of youth will in later years suffer from unsightly sun induced pigmented spots which could even develop into melanomas, that is skin cancer and dehydrated skins that age early. On the other hand looking  bleached and lily white is not a pleasure for many !


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