The Interview - Part 2

2nd interview

Hopefully readers gained some knowledge from the first article on this topic and that parental advice will be given to those off-spring ready to launch off into unfamiliar territory with enthusiasm to secure a position in the work-place!


The following suggestions, though may appear to be somewhat common sense, are often overlooked during an interview :



The interviewee should show interest and when required to answer should do so with clarity focusing on the questions asked.

Mumbling, being incoherent and using slang is off putting and butting in like a “ know-all ‘ is unacceptable.

A pleasant smile shows interest in the topic, but there is no need to grin like a cheshire cat all through the interview !

In the event of the telephone ringing during the interview the best advice is look away with an impression of composure until the interview resumes.  Luring forward to listen to the conversation gives a bad impression !

It goes without saying that nothing is more “phoney” than to put on airs and graces during the interview.



It is commonly known that some think that the more voluptuous one looks, the better chance of securing the position.

Nothing could be further from the truth ! Overdressing to appear sexy will not necessarily impress, in fact it may lead to over-eager mannerisms of a future boss !! One’s outfit should be immaculate {remember first impressions can be lasting} not suggesting that one should dress like a quaker.


There are many that could be discussed like jangling, noisy jewellery, clownish overdone make-up, chipped nails or nail enamel and hair falling over the face or done up like a sparrows nest. As for perfume, reeking of the stuff is usually reminiscent of the more ignorant classes. Many do not realize that it is actually poor etiquette to leave behind a trail of a sickly scent.


There are many gentle fragrances appropriate for the occasion like Matsimela’s Vanilla & sandalwood, or Litchi and rose.

A light application of body butter is just what is needed and a message of good luck !