A healthy approach to the new year

A Healthy Approach to the New YearMany can be excused for greeting the new year with intrepidation and for those who over indulged in 2016, well fear not ` as there is good advice in the first article of 2017.


Bypassing that boring topic of dieting, this might be a good time to think of readers having good intentions, but never having joined a gym. There are many advantages to this method of keeping healthy, for example losing excess fat, maintaining good muscle mass and stimulating endorphins in the brain which arouse a feeling of well-being. Although discipline might seem a bit tedious at the start, to be kept focused is important.


Let us now examine some of the all too common excuses for not joining a gym `


“I cannot face those athletic gods”

“I inherited my body shape, it’s in my genes”

“The kids keep me fit”

“I will make an idiot of myself”

“My husband loves me as I am”


Excuses... excuses… then of course the couch potatoes always find some miracle gadget on the TV.

It is amazing, there is always something new which guarantees results in 30 days and the masses believe it !


Historically the “gyming craze” for women really took off in the 1970’s, prior to which gyms were ostensibly for men whose entire focus was on  body building.


But then a multi-million industry was launched with elaborate women’s gear such as tights, socks, leg-warmers, training shoes, head bands, gym bags and branded water bottles for hydrating purposes. It was all very well for those moneyed types, but was infra-dig for others to arrive looking shabby and this unfortunately was off-putting to many.


Luckily times have changed. Fancy gear is now affordable at major chain stores and new comers and nerds to a gym need not feel self conscious and it is guaranteed that those working out seriously are too concerned about themselves to even bother.

Fortunately, they can pose before giant mirrors in a near hypnotic state, scrutinizing abs and other vital body parts !


I trust that this has eliminated fears of part-taking and a realization that this emotion can only be detrimental to self.

Furthermore, newcomers will have ample companionship as there are many in the same boat at the start of a new year.

However, it is strongly recommended to engage with a personal trainer for the first few months to become familiarized with techniques and routines and to avoid injuring the body.


Finally, there is always compensation for working out. A well deserved soak in the tub with MATSIMELA’s pure Kalahari bath soaks followed by a massage with any of the curative and relaxing massage oils or delectable body butters, makes it all worthwhile !