The Reluctant Shopper

Online ShoppingA few days before Christmas, it is a familiar sight to see distraught souls fumbling around in the malls and stores with tatty shopping lists, with not a clue what to purchase and unaware that some unfortunate recipients will receive ill chosen gifts !


All this stress could have been avoided if some fore-thought had been put in place to remedy the situation.

Very often the “reluctant shopper” has hopes of discovering some bargains but sadly the best of the marked-down items invariably are to be found on the 26th of December onward!!


But yet, somewhat undaunted he or she will compensate for this tardiness with a re-assurance that all this fuss and bother is nothing more than a challenge to one’s sanity and that the month of December is the most dreaded of the year.


But leaving the reluctant shopper behind for the moment, thousands of South Africans during the Festive season will celebrate feasts of all flavours and variety, unwrap gifts with glee and anticipation and children notably, with their sense of innocence, will be a joy to behold.


However, there are thousands out there struggling just to put food on the table.


It is a strange phenomenon that many in our communities think that it is “infra dig” in other words demeaning, to support charity shops, as though this is something degrading.

Far be it from the truth, as many affluent people cast aside perfectly good items and donate these for a worthy cause and for those who whose greatest joy is acquiring a bargain and treat the search as a challenge, supporting a charity shop is the answer !


There are many of these shops in our cities with inspiring varieties of items such as Hospice, SPCA, Cradle of hope, Tafta, the Wildlife association to mention just a few.


Our reluctant shopper may well find this a more peaceful environment in which to shop, away from the stress and bustle of the “super stores”.


The articles that follow in December will continue to focus on the Christmas season and readers are encouraged to save precious time and money by visiting a Matsimela store to find delightful gifts across the spectrum!