The gift of giving

Gift Of GivingThere are a number of reasons why this time of year can make one feel intolerant and uneasy. Christmas is looming with expectations, food prices invariably go up, bosses are pondering whether or not to give bonuses, the malls will be crowded not only with lethargic holiday makers but hoards of youngsters who drift around like lost souls wishing for more spending money.


But it is a wonderful time to uplift ones spirits, achieving that special feeling of giving which builds stronger communities and contributes to “the greater good”.

The act of giving opens up a powerful flow of energy and our lives are enriched when we see the glow of appreciation in others.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing gratitude to those who have invested time and energy to improve our lives, be they individuals or teams within the community such as street cleaners, garbage collectors and on the home front our domestic workers and gardeners.


Some families like to show appreciation to those in professional positions which brings us to teachers, who provide guidance to our children. They are important in society in one or more academic areas, give encouragement, so vital and compensate for lack of patience in the home environment, not deliberate but due to  fleeting time and so much stress in today’s world.  One academic wisely said  “A teacher can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges” !!


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