The role of acids in the cosmetic industry

Acids in the Cosmetic IndustryA recent article revealed that an acidic body is prone to illness and disease and that this is not to be disputed. Yet, acids play an important role in toiletries and cosmetics and are valuable in maintaining a healthy skin. However, dermatological issues are most complex and would bore not only the writer but readers as well, so the acids more commonly used will be briefly discussed !


As the average person lathers, rubs and sprays around 10 different skin products onto the body daily, some of these acids have an important role to play bearing in mind that the skin can act more like a sponge than a barrier at times.


One of the most common is stearic acid added to creams, lotions and pastes having good properties of penetration into cell membranes.

It is extracted from both animal and vegetable sources.


Salicylic acid is related to aspirin and has the ability to penetrate the follicles thereby unclogging these channels and is popularly found in acne products.

This acid is commonly used in chemical peels as it works as a good exfoliant to resurface skin with pigmented blotches, post-acne pitting and fine lines.


Benzoic acid can stimulate the process of surface skin renewal, whereas benzoyl peroxide too can flush out blocked follicles and together with antibiotics plays a role in acne treatments.


But a relatively newer inclusion of  fighting the ageing process is HYALURONIC ACID, playing a major role in creams and lotions, composed partly of sugars and is a natural structural component of skin and present in all connective tissue and strengthens skin as a barrier.


Young skins are resilient and well hydrated, the plumpness and glow being synonymous with youth.

With age, the outer layers lose this important molecule and the moisture that it attracts. It is then that the “fountain of youth” starts to run dry.

The “magic” in this ingredient lies in the ability to retain moisture, acts as an anti-oxidant and reduction of inflammation.


Finally women often enquire whether purchasing a serum as against a night cream is advantageous. Serums are presented in the form of ampoules, small glass phials to be snapped open for use which contain high concentrations of active, potent ingredients having very small molecules, which are quickly absorbed.

Ampoules do not contain oils and thickening agents that could hamper penetration, so they certainly are superior.


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