Bosses Day

Bosses DayIt can be said with assurance that most, at one time or another, have been employed and therefore “under the thumb” of a boss, and the good or bad characteristics of this employer could stick in one’s memory for years to come.


Human relationships are complex, more so when one is confined to a small or large place for a great number of hours, known as the work-week.


The presence of the boss can heighten awareness of whether a relaxed atmosphere or prevailing tensions exist.


A boss with leadership qualities will attempt to develop talents latent in his or her employees, being an intellectual asset to the company and to ensure that competent people will fill up-and–coming vacancies.


But to ensure harmony in the workplace, employees should be attentive to his or her moods and have awareness that the boss has to shoulder a lot of responsibility.


There is a time and place to discuss grievances with the boss rather than to stifle dissatisfaction which could lead to a hostile environment.


The employee should develop pleasing dialogue with the employer to diffuse perceptions that he or she may have regarding lack of benefits, unfair treatment or disregard of ones job description.


It can also be said that unprofessional behaviour can be the precursor of an unpleasant atmosphere in the work place. Those who are rude to others, adopt a stance of superiority or are quick to gossip and spread malicious scandal can contaminate the workplace and lead to co-workers dreading another day in that environment.


In conclusion, a touch of humour highlighting the type of response from the boss, in the event of an employee requesting a raise '

“Because of the fluctuational predisposition of your productivity capacity to the industry standards, it would be monetarily injudicious to advocate an increment !”


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