October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer AwarenessThis awareness has been with us for nearly 30 years and readers may wonder why the pink ribbon came to symbolize this type of cancer.


Well, an American survivor in 1992 initiated the tradition by handing out pink ribbons to pin onto garments and to highlight the issue regarding USA legislation allocating a mere 5% of a 1.8 Billion budget to this cause.


The causes of breast cancer are generally thought to be culprits such as increased age, hormonal factors, inherited genes, early menstruation, late menopause, exposure to radiation, never having been pregnant and obesity, as the extra fat cells that produce oestrogen can stimulate cell malfunctioning.


Oestrogen, often known as the hormone that helps to retain one’s youth diminishes after menopause, but some of the risks of HRH (hormone replacement therapy) can increase the risk of breast cancer and women surviving this should receive medical advice because of the ensuing dangers.


Diets thought to prevent cancer encourage long-term changes in eating habits and provide options from all food groups.


The Mediterranean style diet supplies good nutrition and meets dietary guidelines for the prevention of cancer.


Ideally, fruits and vegetables and plant based foods are recommended.


An excess of salt should be avoided, using herbs and spices to flavour food instead.


The intake of red meat and alcohol should be controlled and lean protein like chicken and fish be introduced twice weekly, with butter being replaced with olive or canola oil.


Some experts advocate the intake of 6 small meals per day, in contrast to 3 large ones which stress the digestive tract.

Modern science and medicine supply us with life sustaining advice and guide-lines offered are a great advantage in preventing cancer.


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