Our Bodies - Why PH matters

phThe human body is a marvellous creation, unbelievably complex and difficult for the average person to fully understand.


Most of us go about our busy lives never thinking that the bodies pH is crucial to good health and how when in balance, disease and disorder cannot take root. Any imbalance allows unhealthy organisms to flourish and even compromises the immune system.


Medically it has been established that an acidic body is prone to disease.


A condition known as acidosis develops when acidity levels increase and many conditions arise like headaches, ulcers, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis due to the blood being so acidic that it “steals” calcium from the skeletal system. Blood often termed the  “fountain of life”  truly sustains ones existence.


So let us consider what foods contribute to this acidic condition :


Some of the culprits are sugar, processed food that contain a high salt content, all grains and cereals, diets high in dairy products and an excess of proteins that cause levels of sulphuric acid to develop in the blood.


Luckily, there are plenty of “good guys” that promote an alkaline environment such as fruits and vegetables, especially greens like spinach and broccoli.  For those with a sweet tooth ` dates and raisins are fine to consume. Contrary to what many think, pineapples, tomatoes, lemons, berries and melons are not acidic, but are alkaline once metabolised within the system, thus the ever popular drink of lemon in hot water on waking !


Lastly, the human skin is slightly acidic, having a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 on the pH scale, this being created by a film called the acid mantle.


Manufactures of cosmetics & body care products love to promote their products as being pH balanced. According to many dermatologists, this is not critical as the acid mantle is the protector and soon forms after being removed by washing or cleansing. However, some people will continue to wash the face and scalp with harsh detergents intended for dishes which is not a good idea !


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