Why our Teeth Matter

Why Teeth matterTeeth as we all know have a very specific function and in terms of good looks ` it has been said that a gleaming white smile is a great asset. But other facial features are just as important to complete the overall picture.  Yet, many of us are destroying our teeth unwittingly.

Some of these are discussed in this week’s article and can be quite an eye opener.


Frequently eating dried fruit such as mangoes, cranberries, raisins & other, which tend to be more sticky than fresh fruit, adhere to the teeth and as all fruits are acidic, this compounds the problem.


Believe it or not, some people actually chew ice cubes which can cause microscopic cracks in the enamel, further leading to more serious problems.


Wine is particularly bad for teeth, some worse than others; white wine being more acidic than the reds. The tradition of swirling wine in the mouth ensures that a greater number of one’s teeth are covered in acid. Like coffee and the tannin in tea, red wine is also a culprit as the outcome can result in stained teeth.


Some people are of the opinion that the harder the bristles of the tooth brush, the greater the cleansing process. Nothing could be further than the truth. This action tends to push the gums away from the teeth exposing the roots resulting in unpleasant sensitivity and pain.


Although fashionable with some, nothing is more disastrous than tongue and lip piercings with teeth becoming vulnerable to becoming chipped, ugly in appearance and a call for expensive dental work in future.


And as if the above are not already distressful enough, many use their teeth as tools for odd jobs such biting nails, scraping off nail enamel, pulling a cap off a bottle, ripping a price tag off an item of clothing ` all of which are traumatising to teeth and simply very bad habits !


But overall beauty can never rely on just one feature like one’s teeth. A well cared for skin is a real asset and a problematic one can be balanced regularly using Matsimela’s ALOE VERA skin care range.