Putting a spring back in your step

springSpring celebrations date back thousands of years and this is a season of renewal, rebirth and fertility. If it was good enough for the ancients, then I reckon it is good enough for us !


This season offers a time for reflection, basking in the welcome warmth of the suns returning rays and the onset of longer days.


How wonderful to put a spring in one’s step, to revitalize dormant energies and take brisk walks without the “bite” and chill of winter.
Witness the glorious blossoms making an appearance, the fragile new leaves on the trees and the earth gently stirring with new growth.
Spring offers so much pleasure to re-invent one’s cooking skills, without the heat of summer when food preparation can be rather trying.


A roasted spring chicken is most appealing with healthy greens on the side, or a chilled pea, mint and spring onion soup.
Putting some spring into one’s pasta by keeping it light with the addition of sugar snaps, fresh mint and sprouts together with a protein will be a winning dish.


Spring is the ideal time to conjure up citrus drinks including the tang of lime and to include the warmth of ginger that partners so well with the cooler salad ingredients like cucumber.


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