Botanicals LRIt is probably safe to say that plant derived ingredients; named botanicals were among the very first cosmetics. Natural colourants, plant juices and fragrant oils were all used in ancient times with many benefits.


Regardless of sex or social status, oils were rubbed into the skin to lessen dehydration in the hot, dry Mediterranean regions. Green make-up was created from malachite and copper and red ochre ground together with water, used to colour the cheeks and lips, while henna was a perfect dye for finger and toenails.


Even after death, one’s looks were critical before the body was presented to the gods.


Botanicals are powerful extracts from herbs, roots, berries, flowers, nuts and seeds.

The extractions from seeds in particular are powerful as these contain the energy for new life. The fact that seeds germinate in polluted  areas, reflects their strength and absolute endurance.


Plants offer oils such as lavender, tea tree derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia bush and rosehip seed oil from seeds of a wild rose bush. Other examples include olive oil, coconut oil and many more.


Extracts from nuts produce sesame, macadamia ,marula and almond oil used extensively in the cosmetic industry.

There are many benefits to be derived from the above having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, offering a decrease in microbial activity and allergic reactions.


With the current demand for natural products, a major concern lies in the sourcing of ingredients and that no harmful chemicals are added.


To safeguard consumers, due to an explosion of botanical ingredients now used in cosmetic items, the need arose to re-examine the industries rules for identifying these very inclusions.


In addition, finding a vast number of “green products” on our shelves, now commonplace ` these are being advertised as pure and natural. Unfortunately in many cases these claims could not be further than the truth as often handfuls of botanicals are mixed in with potentially toxic ingredients.


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