Freshening one’s home, the natural way!

Freshening ones home1Are we unwittingly turning our homes into toxic traps?
Perhaps you are one of those people who fanatically study the labels of food, steering away from anything harmful, not aware that the air we breathe is laden with pollutants.


I think it is accurate to say that most of us grab an aerosol freshener for nasty smells which could be introducing toxic chemicals into ones lungs, which in turn could cause long term problems.


As far as the kitchen goes, ordinary uncelebrated bicarbonate of soda, is excellent as an oven cleaner & when added to boiling water and flushed down a smelly drain it will act as a solvent to get rid of fat and grease in the plumbing.


An obvious bad smell can come from the garbage container even when the bag is out, for what has seeped out can create a nasty smell.
A cloth with vinegar does wonders, and it is not a bad idea to run an orange or lemon peel around the rim.


Cooking smells have a ghastly way of lingering, and there is none better an idea than to place dry cloves and cinnamon on a baking tray in the warmer drawer of the oven. The spicy aroma wafting out is quite enticing !


Most people are not enamoured with sharing their space with bugs, especially when mosquitoes interfere with ones sleep. Although coils and plug-in repellents are commonly used, the problem is that they release toxic chemicals into the air.
It is far preferable to burn a citronella candle or coat the skin with a lemon based lotion if no allergic reaction exists.
Not everyone is keen on having a fan on overnight, but it does have an advantage in that “mozzies” do not navigate well through windy conditions !


When entering one’s closed up home, one can easily be met with a waft of a “jucky” smell, so here is a famous old trick.
With the light bulbs off ' smear a tiny amount of a favourite essential oil over the surface. Once switched on and heat is created a wonderful fragrance emerges.
Come to think of it, even the dust and fragments in a vacuum cleaner bag can be rather off-putting. Soaking a few cotton wool balls in an organic fragrance, will result in a pleasant perfume arising when the machine is in use.


We are not quite done yet, as the garden is one area that results in much money being spent on toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, these pesticides can impact on the whole food chain. Just imagine a bird eating a poisoned slug.
A real common-sense idea is to try companion planting. For example tomato and basil are good soul mates and deter insects from eating the fruit of the tomatoes. To deter slugs and snails, sprinkling used coffee grains around plants will keep them at bay.


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