Consumerism ` a balance

When Life Revovles Around Money ArticleIn much earlier times, the acquisition of goods was carried out via the bartering system, then later came currency, in other words; money.


In terms of having enough of it, there is no doubt that commodities that we desire lends much security to our lives, but there is a downside of being in that position.
Having an excess of money is only valuable insofar that it lends value to our lives, but it can be like a millstone around one’s neck, causing endless stress.


For example ' are one’s investments secure? Is it worth having massive properties to lessen tax which require huge maintenance, not to mention the sleepless nights when one’s fortunes could hit a financial bottom?


Those having excess wealth are able to vacation at expensive resorts, buy luxurious cars, live in classy suburbs, have affluent friends and even purchase “designer pets”! Sadly, chasms often occur between those who have and others less affluent and one’s judgment of the latter becomes shallow and insincere.
What exacerbates excess spending and more importantly waste, is the fact that we live in a “throw-away society”.


So how can one avoid the trap of falling into this lifestyle?


In this country, there are increasing numbers of outlets that stock quality items at affordable prices. Some are called factory shops, others “copy-cat stores” due to the fact that these offer perfect imitations of luxury goods, commodities that are most affordable.


In recent times “Pop-up” stores have made an appearance, many selling perishable items. It is of great importance that the general public be educated regarding dates that appear on the labels of foodstuffs. In the case of perishable items the “sell by date” precedes the “throw out” date meaning that consuming such food will not compromise one’s health.
It is therefore a great advantage for poorer folk to be eating healthily, but in a cost-saving way.


Finally, in the realm of cosmetics, certain dangers do exist when an expiry date is ignored, especially those having a creamy formulation, being prone to turning rancid.


Products like mascara, lipstick and creamy eye shadows can be the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Some out-of date products can be harmful to the skin resulting in swollen lips and eyelids, dermatitis with itching and burning sensations and not to be overlooked, the many underground laboratories that churn out copies of well know brands.


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