Father's Day – Sunday 19th June

fathers day 1Fathers are often celebrated with less gusto than mothers; yet, they play an equally important role in raising a family. It is often the father who faces the seriousness of the responsibilities of the future, which may make him seem more serious, and a lot less carefree. 

Many fathers will agree that having children in the house is a great lesson in how to survive with less sleep, and honing up on first aid skills is a definite advantage, as life is often somewhat of an obstacle course.
A fathers’ everyday involvement in the life of his family is always greatly appreciated.

Some dads are full of fun, unpredictable with crazy ideas up their sleeves, and encouraging activities that “mums would not allow”. 
40 years of research has proven that the more involved a dad is, the more successful the children will be, and that kids will be more emotionally secure, more sociable, and cope better with problems when away from home.
One must remember that there are many different kinds of dads, such as biological dads, step dads, absent dads, and granddads.
One is bound to come across dads with a variety of characteristics too:
The over protective dad
He is continually  ferrying kids around in a neurotic state, is fanatical about their safety and security, and does nothing short of wrapping them up in cotton wool; which arouses much displeasure from his children.
The trendy dad 
This dad has a great sense of style, has the latest music in his car, is up and running with the latest antics of celebrities and topics “gone viral”.
His kids are either madly proud of him, or cringe in embarrassment.
The fashion disaster dad
He is stuck 20 years behind anything current, and chooses obnoxious looking ties to wear with bell-bottom trousers. This dad is usually nostalgic and his conversation is dominated by “back in the good old days”,  but he is never-the-less quite adorable.
The intimidating dad
This type does not talk much, but his mere presence is enough to set the kids knees trembling, out of fear of incurring his wrath. Regarding his daughters, he is every boyfriend’s nightmare when a “Meet and Greet session” is to take place.
The master chef 
His creation of food will never resemble a dog’s breakfast. With his imagination he can conjure up “Haute cuisine” at the flick of his designer apron.  His wife adores him, and all of their dinner parties are wildly successful.
His children, however, would trade frogs legs any day for a good old fashioned burger, and besides, dad will fob them off when they dare start bleating about cruelty to animals.

Whatever category a dad fits into, he certainly deserves to be spoiled on Father’s Day.

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