The quest for eternal youth

Eternal Youth fbWomen and men will go to great lengths in order to achieve this, such as dressing in a youthful way, consuming healthy foods, following current trends, purchasing the latest anti-aging products, or even resorting to plastic surgery, if a healthy bank balance exists.

The very lucrative cosmetic industry has grown to convince consumers that one can fight the aging process. Even the terminology has been updated from “anti-aging” to “age management”.

Experts in the industry quaintly termed “cosmetic cops” closely follow the latest trends and lift the lid on some exciting innovations in the beauty world.


Stem-cell science has made great strides in the field of medicine, and in the cosmetic industry.
It is thought that extractions from the stinging cells of sea anemones can be developed into micro-injections; apparently this could be the solution to smoothing out skin and it may have the ability to minimize small lines and wrinkles. Although slightly ethically contentious, these ocean dwelling creatures may yet earn much publicity.


Copper is another product heralded as a key anti-aging component. Unlike heavy metals like silver, topical application of copper can be metabolized by the body. Experts believe that, in the future, this metal could be a most promising solution.


Snail slime is the latest trend in skin care. One rural snail farmer believes that the humble mollusc is better alive than dead. The compounds it contains are capable of regenerating skin cells, and collagen, allantoin, elastin, and Vitamin E promote healing and have the ability to strengthen the skin.


Citystem, a natural active ingredient, is based on plant cell cultures, and is thought to fight against pollution that ages the skin, particle pollution being composed of dust, metals, liquid droplets and organic chemicals.


Besides the newer discoveries, there have been some rather bizarre ingredients in toiletries and cosmetics, such as parasitic beetles in the production of lipsticks. When crushed, a very powerful red dye is produced. Readers need not become squeamish, as lipsticks do not feature in the MATSIMELA range.


Powdered fish scales, termed guanine, allow for a shimmering effect in nail enamels and mascaras, while a by-product of shark livers, called squalene, is a favourite in the beauty industry, as it is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving no oily residue.


Fortunately MatsiMela Home Spa uses only recognised and proven additives in their products, and these are highly unlikely to cause irritation, and they are not tested on animals. Ethically sound, and proven products that are a feast for the senses. Go ahead. Spoil yourself.