Beating the Chills

winterAfter a long, hot summer, winter appears to be making an appearance, and with it comes the dreaded bacterial and viral infections commonly associated with this season.
This week’s article will, hopefully, offer some good tips for staying healthy and will dispel many myths.


Firstly, drinking lots of fluids is important to avoid getting dehydrated – yes, we have heard it often, “but I don’t get thirsty in winter” - but it is essential to keep up one’s fluid intake to boost the immune system.


Essential oils are a “must have” to protect ones immune system. Many essential oils have the effect of fighting airborne germs, and nothing warms one up like a good massage with a therapist’s choice of oils.


Sleeping for longer hours in winter is a real bonus, and is much like recharging one’s batteries; besides which, it is sheer bliss to have a few extra hours under the duvet.
Notwithstanding, the choice of good nutrition is pure common sense, and the avoidance of overly fatty foods is a sound idea.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for the common cold. One just has to ride it out.


Cleanliness cannot be over-stressed, as millions of nasty bacterial critters co-exist in our environment. For example, the kitchen sink has 100,000 times more bacteria than one’s bathroom, and yet, those delightfully perfumed toilet sprays can eject micro droplets of nasty toilet water up to a few metres away from the toilet bowl when flushing. It is, therefore, common sense to quickly close the toilet lid after flushing.


Carrying antiseptic wipes to one’s workplace is really intelligent, as innumerable germs exist on every single surface. It is little wonder that one’s work literally makes one sick.


Finally, nothing can be more germ-ridden than money. The average R100 note is crawling with these creepy micro-organisms. One can only be aware, and wash one’s hands after handling these disease causing, yet essential, everyday items.


There are many myths that have origins way back in time, and yet, when the time is ripe, they gain momentum once again.
It is, in fact, a truth that one is 80% more likely to be prone to colds and influenza in the winter, and yet many misconceptions exist. In fact, cold weather does not cause colds, and the viruses that cause them do not always require a weak immune system.
Many medical practitioners find that one can be in “ tip-top” condition and still come down with the common cold. It is more likely because one is in closer proximity to people who are carriers of the virus that causes the condition.


There is quite a lot of controversy regarding the “flu shot” or vaccine, and it may well be a myth that one will first become really ill, before developing an immunity towards influenza. Perhaps some signs, like a few aches and pains and a mild fever, will be experienced, but these should linger quite briefly.


As for that much repeated phrase “Starve a fever, feed a cold”; in fact, whatever one eats or drinks will make no difference to the length of the condition.


“Dairy products produce mucus” is another misconception that does the rounds, and there is, in fact, no scientific proof of this occurring. As for a “shot of whiskey or a hot toddy” curing a cold, this may be pure imagination, and has little basis in science.


Matsimela Home Spa has many essential oils in their products, which may aid with boosting the immune system, and bringing immense comfort to mind and body during the winter months ahead. Also, it is important to remember that “summer skin is made in winter”, so keep on taking care of your skin during the winter months, and you’ll look and feel that much better in summer.