Giving meaning to life

Simplicity 2Western society has lost the art of living simply; and yet today, time is our most precious possession, the only thing one truly owns, and it is the quality of the moment that matters. Changing gear every now and then helps one to avoid being bogged down by everyday routine. By simplifying routine, enormous energy can be channelled in more positive ways. There is much value in controlling one’s stress levels, and having a worthwhile life.


For many, material wealth is an indication of “having arrived”. The notion exists that having a greater number of material possessions will ensure more prestige, resulting in an increased number of affluent friends, and will enhance self image. But ultimately, one can stagger under the weight of possessions, and fail to realise that all of this saps vital energy as minds become cluttered like so much junk in an attic that one can become constrained and lose the vision of a life of pleasure.


So how does one define clutter? It manifests in a variety of ways, such as having clothes galore, but having nothing to wear, piles of books never to be read, a collection of out-of-date food with a freezer more ice-bound than the North Pole, and generally being swamped by useless material goods.


Each of our possessions should be for a specific purpose, and home should be a place of rest and inspiration. A house with more empty space draws in natural light and promotes calm. The realisation will ultimately dawn that objects are one’s servants, there to assist with daily tasks, and should not be one’s masters.


Having hoards of possessions can be a comfort to many, but there is a risk of living in the past, thereby closing the door to the future. Throwing things overboard is the best way of staying afloat.


There is no finer way to re-structure one’s life than to organize and prioritise; that is, to deal with essential tasks at hand and to shelve others, not to be ignored, but seen to at a later date, while not leaving tasks unfinished. It is sound advice to attempt to do just one thing at a time, instead of running around in desperation like a fowl without a head, ending the day with a tension headache, which has repercussions on those around us, and leaves no sense of satisfaction.


There are many ways to “rejuvenate” one’s life, such as taking a daily walk, if possible. Learning to say no if others have too many expectations of you, and adding variety and quality to life, which should release the guilt that results from being too much of a martre.


Be assured that the planet will still spin on its axis should a visit to a health spa be on the cards, offering near heaven-on-earth, and invigorating life’s greatest gift, oxygen. Plus, the inhalation of fragrance is a healer in itself.


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