Nature's Power of Healing

Natural RemediesaMany people are losing faith in prescribed medicines. Antibiotics, in particular, have become so over-prescribed that it is now a fact that body systems are becoming immune to these.


No one will dispute the fact that the discovery of Penicillin in the 1970’s was an incredible find for the medical profession. But it lead to the belief that the dangers of infection would be a thing of the past, which has now been found to be a fallacy.
It is now emerging that the medical profession is recognizing the benefits of what nature has to offer.
This article will highlight just a handful of nature’s healing products.


Cayenne pepper

Also known as capsicum, has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. For example, a “strep” throat can be brought under control by gargling with warm water containing a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper. It can be used during cooking, be sprinkled over food or swallowed as a tea, placing a half a spoon into hot water.
Capsicum is excellent for heartburn, flatulence, gout and fever.


Oregano Oil

Can be used directly on to areas with foot and/or nail fungus - 1 drop diluted with olive oil.
Parasitic infections can be treated with the same dilution, placed under the tongue for a few seconds then rinsed out.
The oil produces good results in easing sinus congestion by placing a few drops in boiling water and inhaling the steam.



This is not only a colourful spice used in Indian cooking, but has been used holistically for centuries. This wonder spice is a mainstay for those with arthritis and other complaints needing anti-inflammatory properties. Many have had relief from gastro-duodenal ulcers, and have found that turmeric resolves the damage caused by infection. This spice is highly effective in providing relief from symptoms of rhinitis or hayfever.



This widely known herb is known to fight infections resulting from common colds and upper respiratory infections, as well as to fight urinary tract infections, gum disease and tonsillitis.
Echinacea has become a household product in the treatment of small children.


Colloidal Silver

Results from taking this product have been widely controversial and it is probably the one product that the medical profession “ loves to hate” the most. They even suggest that ingestion will cause a person’s skin to become silvery-grey, a condition known as argyria. Yet many swear by its ability to be fatal to microbes, without having bad effects on its host. Internally, it can upset the delicate balance of the intestines and is thought to be safer for external use, such as on skin lesions, used as a gargle for sore throats, and for outer ear problems such as “swimmers ear”.


There is extensive reference to colloidal silver having been used for centuries. There was a connection between royal families drinking out of silverware and having the use of silver spoons to feed their infants, which led to the saying “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”, as very little ill health resulted. The reason these privileged ones were called “blue bloods” was because of the fact that they had greater levels of silver in their systems. Before refrigeration, silver coins were put into containers of milk, supposedly stopping it from spoiling.


Colloidal silver is undergoing a new renaissance, having many health benefits for humans, and even pets. The general concensus is “that it is as good as what it does”. Today, it is sold as a trace mineral supplement, which may kill off microbes, viruses, or perhaps both.
In conclusion a few drops per day will do one no harm.


Matsimela Home Spa values the use of ingredients that are considered natural and beneficial. Aside from their authenticity, the value of nature’s gifts are priceless. Go ahead and spoil yourself.