Irresistable Lavender

LavenderLavender extract is regarded as one of the world’s top essential oils.
Historically it was used in embalming processes, and Queen Marie Antoinette of France decorated the palace with it for its glorious fragrance, and to keep pests and bad odours at bay. The Romans used it for cooking and for refreshing the air, and most famously, it was used in a religious manner to anoint Jesus.


Today lavender oil has multiple uses to benefit the body. The oil is known to alleviate the irritation of eczema, psoriasis, headaches and minor cuts and burns. When tension arises, a few drops of the oil added to bath water will have a soothing effect.


The oil can be combined with aloe or coconut oil for anti-bacterial effects, or combined with peppermint oil to relieve headaches by rubbing the back of the neck and sides of the forehead.


As a body perfume, a few drops on the palms, rubbed together, can act as a fragrant lubricant for a body massage.


Besides the above mentioned, lavender has emerged as a great additive for food. The flowers marry well with berries, pears, apples, chocolate, honey and sage. Long before it became a chic ingredient for chefs in the culinary world, our grannies would tie gauze bags to coat hangers containing dry lavender.


One can create a blend of dry herbs by combining lavender, mint and rosemary, making a fragrant rub for roasts, or using lavender alone to infuse into cream or ice cream.


Natural products are continually being researched for their benefits. It has been discovered that lavender oil assists the body in producing 3 powerfu anti-oxidants, and that the inhalation of lavender vapour protects cells that may mutate to form cancer.


There is no greater love for vanilla and lavender than in the cosmetic industry.

Matsimela Home Spa uses both of these ingredients in a variety of products. The subtle lavender fragrance in our In-Room Spa Range’s Sleep Ease Pillow Spray is a perfect example. Go ahead and spoil yourself with yet another pure indulgence from Matsimela Home Spa.