The year comes to a close

2016With the anticipation of Christmas celebrations and festivities behind one, the interim period between Christmas and New Year can be an anticlimax. This does, however, give one time to muster up the courage to face what lies ahead.


One may feel rather smug when the gifts have been put away or labelled “sender”, to avoid any disasters when they are recycled as presents in the year ahead. A sense of joy arises, knowing that the elaborate store decorations are not yours to pack away, and that all the unsold merchandise is someone else’s nightmare.
Back on the home front, a number of hazards await weary parents, since virtually everything is “electronic” these days.


The accompanying metres of chord that will snake around on the lounge floor in the weeks ahead, causing much irritation, and the multiple bruises attained in the not-too-agile efforts of dodging the latest “whizz kid” on a skate board, may result in a few “fast forward to January” thoughts.


Dear readers, do bear with me as I persevere in bringing in an element of humour into this article, with some comments from celebrities, and a few others, who detest the festive season.


From an irritated citizen;
“If I want to get crushed in a crowd I will attend a Justin Beiber concert”

From one who has to partake in the cooking;
“Why is turkey always the choice? It is unbearably huge and is, after all, the awkward, inferior cousin of the chicken”.

And as for somewhat forced upon goodwill;
“The celebration known as The Office Party, is a place where dreams go to die”

Strange how the following comment has a real ring of truth to it;
Christmas comes earlier every year. When mince pies are out in October, it sends me into a rage”.

And lastly;

“I think it is spooky telling kids that a man with a beard is coming in the middle of the night”.


One thing I think we can all agree on is the fact that everything about the festive season is high revolution and rushing at lightning speed. Oh well, be not down-hearted; a whole 12 months lie ahead to anticipate the next big event.

In closing I would like to extend my best wishes to all readers, and that all good things come your way in 2016.