The downside of allergic reactions

allergic reactionAround this time of year we all get excited about the arrival of Spring, and yet the remnants of winter linger on, as do certain allergies. Whilst mostly seasonal, these allergies can be an irritation that is detrimental to one's health.
On the highveldt for example, the cold dry winters are a curse to those suffering from eczema, with symptoms of flaky, itchy patches of skin, that tempt the sufferer to scratch, increasing the risk of infection. The coastal areas, on the other hand, have high levels of mould because of the humid conditions.


Regardless of one's location, inhalation of certain substances plays a large role in the symptoms of allergies. Grass and pollens from certain shrubs and flowers can be a curse to sufferers.
Take for instance, the woman who left the coast because of the high levels of humidity which affected her health. Convinced that the dry Gauteng climate would be the answer, she found that she was highly allergic to the pollen from grasses, causing her lips and tongue to swell, with dire consequences.


The inhalation of certain substances can easily lead to allergic rhinitis, resulting in a perpetually blocked nose, sneezing and headaches. On many occasions the symptoms resemble a common cold, accompanied by a sore throat, runny nose and unremitting headaches.
Animals too, are a frequent cause of allergic reactions. Unfortunately there are no hypo-allergenic cats and dogs. Animals continually shed "dander", a term for the microscopic flakes of skin and hair with levels of proteins that are highly likely to cause an allergic reaction in some people. Even a co-worker with cat hair on their clothing can trigger a reaction.


So what exactly is an allergic reaction? It can best be explained as an abnormal reaction to a normally harmless substance, with the production of anti-bodies, which stimulate chemicals named histamines to counter the ill effects. These histamines react to abnormalities associated with illness, injury and inflammation. In very serious cases reactions can be life threatening, causing abnormal swelling, breathlessness, lowered blood pressure and even loss of consciousness.


Establishing what causes these reactions can lead to determining the correct treatment. Some unusual allergens in our environment are avocado pears, garlic, dried fruit and soya products, plus many more that are well known. It has been discovered that technology plays a role too. Vibrations from television screens, smart phones and the like can affect those with electro sensitivity. Danish research has revealed that environmental allergies may actually protect against cancer, because the associated sensitivity heightens one's immune responses. This means that people may be primed for foreign intruders like tumours.


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