Celebrating Women

womens dayWomen from all walks of life should enjoy being celebrated as special people on August the 9th, designated as Women's day, even though many trivialize it as wasted sentimentality and obligatory card giving.


Aside from the women who are worshipped for their celebrity, there are many who are downtrodden and marginalised and yet continue to display honourable character traits. Despite uncertain times, politically and financially, their maternal instincts rise to the fore, as do their charitable deeds; many of which go unnoticed.


Women involve themselves in neighbourhood and educational activities, albeit that many hold responsible positions in the work place. This is one way in which they offer a sense of community in an increasingly insular society.


They always rush to support friends whose lives appear to be falling apart, and take ownership of disasters as if they were their own.  Women show enormous strength overcoming obstacles, because if they don't, who will?


It is challenging to simply mention a mere sprinkling of the hundreds of women who have achieved so much in their various fields.
Take for example the late Albertina Sisulu, also known as the mother of the nation. Her persistence in establishing human rights in this country has gone down in history.


Natalie Du Toit who, despite her physical disability, became an outstanding athlete. In the political field, Helen Zille, who with courage and persistence, led the DA in the face of great opposition. A very recent achiever, well worth a mention, is Asnath Mahapa who, at the tender age of 23 has become the first black woman pilot! Incredible!


With Women's day fast approaching, we encourage women to take every opportunity to relax. Curl up with a good book or get together with girl friends for a meal out. Take any opportunity that comes your way. Perhaps some outlandish activity, like absailing or tackling zip lines, whizzing through the trees for sheer enjoyment, may be more appealing. Or, maybe some luxurious relaxation for an hour or two spent at a health spa, surrounded by the aromas of massage oils and the relaxing sound of gentle music might be just the thing. If time and budget don't allow for this, Matsimela Home Spa products are the ideal way for you to have an indulgent "spa experience" in the comfort of your own home. So go ahead. Treat yourself!